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The Barbara Walker Story


arbara’s magnetic voice reaches the hearts of children via television media as well. Viewers of the successful children’s educational show “Sesame Street” listen to her voice as it teaches them the alphabet consonants, “B”, “D”, and “M”. Barbara traces her musical roots to her talented family and years of listening to her sister, Patsy, brother, Michael, and cousin, Liz, rehearsing with her dad around the house. Nina Simone, Grover Washington Jr., Bunny Sigler, Don Gardner and Dee Dee Sharp laid a rich foundation for subsequent success. The first recording that sparked Barbara’s desire to perform was of Gloria Lynn but it was only when the prodigious Otis Redding died that she felt as sense of purpose about her musical journey. “I felt a heavy sense of loss at his death and a responsibility to carry on the tradition of musical integrity”. And carry on she did….and more. Barbara’s singing talents deftly adapt themselves to a myriad of musical form: R&B, jazz, gospel, classical, inspirational, pop and country and western. This unique ability has been cultivated with more than 35 years of professional performing experience.


arbara’s CD recordings “Live at Zanzibar Blue” and “Simply Live” offer great “feel good listening music, that you just can’t stop listening to.”

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